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Nutritional Seminars

6/6 @ 2p Nutrition for athletes - Protein, Fats, Carbs… are they important?  

  • Dive into the roles of these three macronutrients in your body and provide insight into how to decide the daily amounts/needs of each for each person. Will walk away with knowledge to help craft daily meals for overall health

6/18 @ 2p Nutrition for athletes - Myths and facts

  • With so many diets, fads, influencers and marketing... it can be hard to understand what is real or fact. This seminar will go through concepts related to our food, food sources, types of food, etc., and help provide you with information that is backed by ancestral practices, extensive research/testing, and personal results. 

7/9 @ 2p Nutrition for athletes - Food choices and meal prepping 

  • Let go grocery shopping... jk, we are not taking a field trip, but this seminar will help create, plan and shop for a meal/meals for the week. This is a great option to help cut cost and TIME in the stores and at home cooking, whether you are a household of 1 or 10.

7/ 23 @ 2p Nutrition for athletes - Food labels and what do they mean

  • Much of our food in America has labels and/or marketing tools to attract people to purchase them. This seminar will dive into what to look for on labels, what specific labels mean, and provide you with knowledge to help foster healthy, smart and active athletes. 

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