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Kingwood Revolution VBC is a competitive club program for girls ages 10-18.  We offer various levels of teams which makes it possible for all athletes to participate.   All players are given the opportunity to become a better player at Kingwood Revolution.  Our practices are pre-planned and structured which helps us provide equivalent training throughout all teams. We provide experienced and quality coaches, a strength and conditioning program, and position training to our club players.


National teams will travel both in and out of state playing a competitive tournament schedule. These teams have the goal of qualifying for USAV Nationals held in late June/early July of each year. This is a competitive program and teams will practice twice a week for two hours per practice, including position training and conditioning.  They will typically play in 10-12 tournaments including Nationals. Players on these teams are expected to attend all practices and usually do not compete in other sports during season. 


Regional teams will travel in state as well as compete in local tournaments.  These teams are expected to be competitive but will play fewer tournaments than a national level team.  There will be an option to play in a post season national tournament.  Practices are twice a week for 2 hours. Players can play other sports but are expected to place priority on club tournaments and practices.


Local teams will compete in the Houston area only.  These teams are usually compiled with newer players who want to move to the next level after playing in leagues, camps, or school teams.  This is a great way to learn the game playing competitively, while still maintaining a lower tournament commitment level than a travel team. Players are allowed to participate in other sports and organizations while playing on a local team although tournament play time can be effected by missing practices regularly.

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