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Club Prep Program

Club Prep Athletes

  • Athletes who are new to volleyball and want to play in throughout the Fall and Spring but not ready to commit to either: club pricing, schedule, intensity, etc. 
  • Athletes that desire to have more training than the Academy program but can't manage the Club requirements 
  • Athletes do not want to play club due to another sport or other desires but want to keep training for their school team. ‚Äč


Tryout Process

Tryouts for Club Prep will attend Club Tryouts later this summer. Please click here for more information on Tryouts and do your best to attend the main tryouts! Make -  Up tryouts will be offered but will only be open until teams are full. 


What to Expect? 

Club Prep Athletes will be placed on a team and will compete in 1 - 3 tournaments during the Fall season and 3 tournaments in the Spring season.  The teams will have practice twice a week, for two hour each.