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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are frequently asked questions regarding the KW Revolution club program tryout and season to help athletes and parents prepare for the upcoming season. We hope to be able to provide enough information to easy in your club decision and journey! 

What is the format of tryouts?

Check in occurs prior to the designated start time where they receive a penny #. 

We start with a warmup and partner ball control drills. 

Then we split up girls based on their primary desired position. Then all courts will go through skill specific drills (passing, setting, serving, and hitting). Every athlete will go through all skills no matter their position. 

For 14s and up, we will then separate the pin hitters, the middles, and the DS/L plus setters onto different courts for deeper positional specific drills. 

Lastly, after positional drills are done for all age groups, we separate girls across all courts and watch them play. Pure 6-on-6 playing, makes up at least half of the tryout. 

If we feel that there is a specific position that we cannot clearly and confidently rank the players, we will email them all to come back at a later date for another position specific evaluation. We want to ensure we have seen everything and feel confident about the evaluation.

Who are evaluating the athletes?

All coaches are welcome to attend tryouts and provide their feedback.

Our Club Director highly values all of our adult coaches' viewpoints and evaluations as each coach has a different vision of their perfect athlete. This allows for all opinions and viewpoints to be heard and further a collaborative effort. It is very rare that there are polar opposite opinions across our coaches. 

Coaches who coached an age group the year prior and/or are a family member of an athlete of an age group will not evaluate that age group. They normally will manage the court drills verse evaluate. 

Coaches that currently do private lessons with an athlete of a specific age group can still evaluate but their evaluations/opinions hold less weight. 

Coaches are to focus on skills seen in the tryout and not factor in any previous history or knowledge.

Everyone is just a number on tryout day/team placement to ensure the overall fairness of the evaluation. 

At the end of the day, the Directors have the final say on who is on the team. Coaches will not know the final roster till they receive their team roster.

How are teams selected?

Teams are capped at 11 members. We create teams to win. We will put the best 10-11 players on the elite team, the next 9-11 players on the Molten and continue that pattern down. Determining the best players, starts with position. Coaches are to rank players based on position. If players do not have a position, we will watch them through all skills and place based on what we view is her best position/best position to be trained as. 

On average, teams have 2 setters, 2-3 DS/Liberos, 2 Middle hitters, 4 Pin hitters (Outside hitters & Right-side hitters). This is the starting point but based on what we see in an athlete's ability and/or with a team, we can modify the numbers. 

We will always provide the offer for the team that is best for the athletes success and future in volleyball

Are parents allowed to watch tryouts?

Why are we asked what level of team we desire?

No; tryouts are closed. 


Gauge commitment level the athlete is willing to be a part of. By no means does a local or regional team mean that the athlete will not be competitive. Furthermore, the level of the team doesn't dictate the level competition against other club teams at the same level or above. The level dictates the travel commitments thus the additional costs that could be incurred throughout the season. Lastly, the desired level stated doesn't have to be reviewed or considered in our assessment of the athlete. We will place them on the best team based on their skill compared to others at the tryout.

How are coaches selected for each team?

Coaches receive a survey from the Club Director at the end of each season that specifically asks about their interest and desires for the next season. Based on coaches' requests (time commitment, level, travel, age, etc.), the Director's discuss the best team placement for the coach. The expertise and level of a coach is not directly correlated to the level of team. Some of our highly requested coaches, coach our local teams and/or academy and club prep. All coaches are to teach a unified coach plan set by the Club Director to ensure equal training and attention across all levels and ages. 

Why are deposits required before the season starts?

When do practices start?

Deposits are cashed to lock in the commitment to the club and team along with pay for the gear/equipment that is included in the dues. This ensures that we can properly order, customize and have ready the full gear package by the first month of practice.

Official practices begin Mid-November. Unofficial practices can begin in October and are organized/scheduled by the teams' head coach. All unofficial practices are 100% voluntary and will NOT impact any future play on the team. 

When will schedules be released?

Tournaments are not released by the region until Aug/Sept of every year. Registration for tournaments open October 1st for majority of tournaments. Once we confirmed registration, we will provide the details to the coaches to provide to parents along with posting the schedule on our website. We do our best to get the schedule out to parents as soon as possible. 

Can we leave after signing the contract?

No; once you sign the contract, you have locked in your spot on the team. Leaving the team before practices start and/or during the season buts hardship on the team and coaches due to the expectations of your commitment. There is also a financial penalty* for early termination of any signed contract. 

*each contract clearly states the penalty